Election Day 2020

Date:  November 3, 2020  
Host:  Jim Schneider   
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With this election it appears we’re having to decide whether we’re going to keep a capitalist society or if we’re going to move ever closer toward socialism.   Are we going to respect the sanctity of life or are we going to sanction the taking of life in the womb?  Are we going to respect male and female or will we go in the direction of saying that gender is changeable?

With those thoughts in mind, Jim went through some election day news.  Here’s a small sample of stories presented:

–President Trump holding multiple events per day while Joe Biden has basically camped out in the state of Pennsylvania.

–Joe Biden takes popular singer and anti-fracking activist Lady Gaga with him to a Pennsylvania rally.

–Joe Biden promotes an endorsement from a leading Muslim-American, anti-Israel group funded by George Soros.

–Maxine Waters believes it’s unconscionable that a black American would vote for President Trump.

–At a stop in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Vice President Mike Pence encouraged Americans to pray while also quoting Scripture.

–Joe Biden plans to quickly take control of the narrative if he’s declared the winner of the election.

Callers from across the nation followed up the news stories with their own election day input.

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