News Roundup and Comment

Date:  November 6, 2020  
Host:  Dalton Windsor   
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Below is a number of stories that Dalton presented.  Afterward, listeners added their input to round out the hour.

–Dalton presented audio clips from both Joe Biden and President Trump.  Biden asked for calm while the vote count is completed, while President Trump’s comments revolved around Republican gains across the nation and his belief that he wins if legal votes are counted.

–President Trump warned of the problems associated with vote by mail.  Dalton listed reasons why this method of voting is problematic.

–Two weeks before the election, one non-partisan  political report predicted an expanded Democrat majority in the House.  A net gain of 5 to 10 seats.  That did not happen.

–President Trump’s campaign has announced several legal battles in key states due to the possibility of voter fraud.

–Political analyst Dick Morris has communicated that members of Republican controlled legislatures in four states must step up and take charge of the ballot counting process from their governors, who happen to be Democrats, and help President Donald Trump win re-election.

–Judge shocked that the United States Postal Service disregarded order for postal inspectors to search for undelivered ballots.

–GOP blasts Fox network over early call on the State of Arizona.

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