Covid-19 Shot Mandates

Date:  August 5, 2021
Host:  Jim Schneider
​Guest:  Mat Staver
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During July of this year, the legal counsel for the U.S. Department of Justice issued their opinion: public and private entities can mandate vaccines for their employees even if the vaccines are only authorized for emergency use. Soon thereafter the Department of Veterans Affairs announced they would require many of their government workers to get the Covid shot. Then we learned that the Department of Defense will be ordering active duty troops to receive the shot. Also during July, a federal judge issued his opinion that students at Indiana University will have to comply with the school’s Covid-19 vax mandate. And now corporations, hospitals and medical groups across the country are issuing mandates or else employees are told to find work elsewhere. On top of this, there are institutions that are refusing to do business with those who have not received the jab.

Is this legal? What do you do if you receive such a mandate?

Constitutional Attorney Mat Staver joined Crosstalk to illuminate this topic and provide concrete courses of action if you are affected by these mandates. Mat stated plainly that, yes, it is illegal to mandate the Covid “vaccine.” He recommended the websites listed below.

Listen for more details, share the program. and PRAY!

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