A Panoramic Prophetic Prospective

Date:  August 18, 2021  
Host:  Dalton Windsor  
​Guest:  Dr. Jimmy DeYoung
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Dr. Jimmy DeYoung appeared at a VCY America rally in September.  His presentation, A Panoramic Prophetic Prospective, was a teaching on the entire book of Revelation in one evening.

Beginning in Revelation, Dr. DeYoung explained to the audience that this book is from God to Jesus who then delegated an angel who would give and dictate to John the Revelator what He (God the Father) and his son Jesus wanted John to know and ultimately what He wanted us to know.

When you study Revelation, you’ll recognize 3 main events:

–The Rapture of the Church—This is the next main event on God’s calendar of activities.  This is first talked about in John 14.

After the rapture and before Christ’s return, you have 16 chapters that deal with details concerning a 7 year period of time.  3 and one half years into that 7 year period you have …

–The Rebellion—Chapter 11:1-2 of Revelation tells us there will be a temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.  That’s where the anti-Christ will come out of Rome, go into Jerusalem and walk into the temple (I Thessalonians 2:4), go into the Holy of Holies and claim to be God.  

–The Return—This is where Christ mounts a white horse and we mount ours.  Dr. DeYoung noted that Jesus is our intercessor (1 John 2).  He’s currently at the right hand of the Father and not on the throne.  He doesn’t receive the title, ‘King of Kings and Lord of Lords’ until His return (Revelation 19). 

Does this have your curiosity piqued?  Keep in mind, Dr. DeYoung doesn’t teach the book of Revelation numerically, he teaches it chronologically.  You’ll find out how important that is when you obtain a copy of this edition of Crosstalk or by securing a copy of the entire rally.

More Information

A copy of the complete rally called, ‘A Panoramic Prophetic Prospective,’ is available on CD for a donation of $6 and on DVD for a donation of $15 by calling 1-800-729-9829 during normal business hours.  You may also order online by going to vcyamerica.org.

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