News Roundup & Comment

Date:  August 27, 2021
Host:  Dalton Windsor
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Dalton sat in for Jim Schneider for this edition of the “Roundup”.  Here’s a brief sample from the list of stories he presented:

–Dalton presented audio from July when President Joe Biden addressed a press conference concerning Afghanistan.  His comments are an amazing contrast compared to what’s taken place this past week, including the 13 service members killed in a suicide bombing at the Kabul airport.

–Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri was among a number of Republican lawmakers who have called on President Joe Biden to resign after Thursday’s deadly attacks. 

–Ex-Trump aide lays out the Afghan withdrawal plan that Biden scrapped. 

–U.S. troops on the ground in Kabul are turning away from the airport some Afghan collaborators and interpreters who supported America during our 2 decade occupation of the territory.

–On Wednesday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced that there are only roughly 500 Americans remaining in Afghanistan who wish to be evacuated.

–U.S. officials handed over names of American citizens and Afghan allies who assisted the U.S to the Taliban with the hope that the terrorist group would help evacuate the country.  

–Singapore offered the U.S. help with evacuation efforts but the offer was rejected by Kamala Harris.

–A group of veterans, thousands of miles away, is working to help secure the safety of their former translators.    

–The government agency responsible for defense contractors is telling personnel to wash their hands as much as possible, not for fear of germs, but of any official involvement with friends and former colleagues who are stuck in Afghanistan.

–AOC urged President Joe Biden to set a floor of 200,000 visas for Afghans to be evacuated and brought to the U.S. for permanent resettlement and U.S. citizenship.

–Our weapons left behind in Afghanistan have turned the Taliban into a major U.S.  arms dealer for the next decade because the Taliban now controls 75,000 U.S. military vehicles.

–Airbnb has pledged to provide free housing for 20,000 Afghan refugees. 

–Radio host Glenn Beck has raised 30 million dollars to rescue Christians and others at risk in Afghanistan.

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