News Roundup & Giant Statues

Date:  September 3, 2021
Host:  Jim Schneider
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Here’s a selection of stories from the “Round-Up” for this week:

–The Biden administration wants employers to require that their workers get the COVID vaccine.

–2 senior Food and Drug Administration officials have resigned after the Biden administration and the CDC pushed out recommendations for a 3rd coronavirus booster shot before the agency issued an official approval.

–Congressman Tom Massie of Kentucky, who has proposed a bill to block federal funding of the U.S. military vaccine mandate, hosted the conference call with troops who warned the mandate could harm military readiness.

–2 active duty members of the U.S. armed forces on August 17 filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Defense, the FDA and HHS on behalf of themselves and other active service members who are being forced to get the vaccine despite having COVID and also having acquired natural immunity.

–President Joe Biden’s chief medical advisor, Dr. Fauci, told CNN on Wednesday that he is hopeful there will be an emergency use authorization to vaccinate children under the age of 12 in the coming weeks. 

–Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Pfizer vice president and chief scientist for allergy and respiratory, issued a warning to parents in the UK with school children between 12 and 15 that the government is planning to inject experimental gene-based COVID-19 vaccines into them with or without parental consent beginning next week.

–Ohio nurses are pushing back against hospitals requiring them to take the vaccine.

–An Ohio judge has ruled that a hospital must treat a COVID-19 patient on a ventilator with Ivermectin.

–A judge has reversed his own order taking custody rights away from a mother who had not taken the COVID-19 vaccine.

–Bus drivers are quitting over the vaccine mandate in Chicago.

–The Department of Education announced Monday that it had opened civil rights investigations into 5 GOP states that have bans on mask mandates in schools to determine if such bans discriminate against students with health conditions and disabilities.

–A new report from the World Health Organization calls for worldwide transition to digital certification of vaccine status with the implementation strategies from member states.

–Costco is bringing back temporary purchase limits on some items as the Delta variant continues to sweep the nation. 

–California and Los Angeles County are each paying $400,000 to end litigation by Grace Community Church, alleging that COVID-19 restrictions on in-person worship infringed on its constitutional right to religious freedom.

–Harvard, originally a seminary that trained people to enter ministry, has a new chief chaplain and he’s an atheist.

–A company from Ireland is proposing ”The Giant”, the world’s tallest moving statue that will stand over 10 stories high.  The arms and head will move to a diversity of positions and will have a patented skin which is a matrix of millions of programmable LED pixels.  This will give it the ability to instantly take the form of any man or woman, boy or girl, from historical figures to stars of today.

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