Equipping Students with a Biblical Worldview

Date:  September 8, 2021
Host:  Jim Schneider
​Guest: Russ Miller
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Christians are increasingly being challenged over their faith. Mockery of God is OK, just don’t mock the erroneous teachings of socialism or evolution.  In addition, the biblical worldview I.Q. of people appears to be getting smaller and smaller. 

Appearing on this edition of Crosstalk to discuss equipping students with a biblical worldview was Russ Miller.  Russ is the founder of Creation, Evolution, and Science Ministries.  He’s the author of five creation-oriented books, including the book, COST: Creation, Original Sin, Separation, Redemption.  He has also developed numerous PowerPoint seminars, conducts Grand Canyon Rim, Raft & Grand Staircase Tours, speaks on college campuses and national conferences.  He has developed a young earth creation course for public school students for purposes of training and equipping.

At one time Russ was a theistic evolutionist.  Theistic evolution is just one method that attempts to fit the teaching of millions of years of time leading to mankind within the framework of God’s Word.  In other words, this worldview contends that God used millions of years of death and suffering to slowly evolve us.

Once he discovered what a fraud Darwin truly was, he began to examine that foundation of billions of years of time and he discovered that if there was a global flood, it wipes out every old earth belief.

Why does this matter?  The old earth beliefs place death before Adam.  Once you teach that, you can’t proceed to teach the biblical foundation of the Gospel that it was man’s sin that brought death into the world, separating us from God and requiring our redemption through Jesus.  In other words, the old earth viewpoints undermine people’s faith in the authority of God’s Word and the reason for Christ’s sacrificial death on the cross. 

As this program moved along, Russ looked at much more including the following: 

  • Did Christianity have anything to do with the founding of the many branches of modern science?
  • What percentage of Christian young people are able to defend a biblical worldview?
  • Why should we keep a biblical worldview at home?
  • What is a Grand Canyon, Grand Staircase Tour?
  • Is there a creation science/biblical worldview course for high school students with credits that are transferable to public high schools?

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