News Roundup & Comment

Date:  October 22, 2021
Host: Jim Schneider
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Another week with too many stories to fit into an hour! The following is a sampling of headlines. Listen, share, and PRAY!

  • Supreme Court agrees to hear 2 challenges to Texas abortion law
  • President Biden is spending more time promoting abortion than solving the border crisis or inflation
  • Al-Qaeda threatens new attack on U.S. more painful than 9/11
  • Gun control works! Muslim convert murders five people with bow and arrow
  • Disaster in the making: 12,000 Afghans in U.S. now with no ID
  • Chinese missile reportedly circles the globe before dropping on target
  • National Institutes of Health admit Fauci lied about gain-of-function funding in Wuhan
  • NIH website features much-maligned ivermectin as COVID treatment
  • As vaccinated spread COVID, Fauci claims unvaccinated will spark 5th wave
  • Worst is yet to come from Biden’s vaccine tyranny, US Senator warns
  • OSHA openly advocates ignoring vaccine-related injuries
  • Former CDC director gives alarming statistic on fully vaccinated COVID deaths
  • Fully vaccinated were the majority of COVID deaths in Sweden, UK in September
  • Vermont sees record COVID cases despite 80 percent adult vax rate
  • NYC mandates vaccination for firefighters and police
  • Florida chief fired for not forcing firefighter vaccinations
  • Biden team announces plan to vaccinate ages 5-11
  • CDC director says vaccinated children should still wear masks at school
  • Florida’s new surgeon general says data does not support mask mandates in school
  • 750 GE federal contract workers walk out in protest against vaccine mandates in OH
  • NY divorce judge rules father can’t see young daughter without COVID shot
  • Biden Admin secretly flying thousands of illegal migrants deep into the U.S. under cover of night
  • Man who allegedly raped woman on train is criminal illegal alien who was not deported
  • Panama caught 52 Al-Qaeda suspects headed to the U.S.
  • Biden promotes transgender Rachel Levine to four-star admiral in health service corps
  • Vermont Public High School holds drag show during halftime at football game, faculty joins in

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