SCOTUS To Hear Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health

Date:  November 29, 2021
Host:  Jim Schneider
​Guest:  Brad Mattes
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This Wednesday, the U.S. Supreme Court will be hearing oral arguments in the case known as Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.  This case has the potential to overturn Roe v. Wade.  

To discuss this important case plus look at other pro-life issues, Crosstalk welcomed back Brad Mattes.  Brad is the president of Life Issues Institute, the pro-life grassroots partner of the Susan B. Anthony List Education Fund.  Life Issues Institute was founded in 1991 to serve the educational needs of the pro-life movement.  Brad is the host of Life Issues, a daily radio commentary.

Brad has been doing pro-life work for 46 years and with this case he’s never been more optimistic about the opportunity to reverse the Roe v. Wade decision or to at least do substantial damage to it.  This is important because the Roe decision legalized abortion until birth for any reason.

The Dobbs late term abortion case involves legislation that was passed with bipartisan support in 2018.  This legislation ends abortion at the 15 week mark.  A local abortion facility sued and now it’s worked its way up to the Supreme Court.

The legislation noted here would give states the opportunity to pass their own similar legislation.  This means we would see about half the states moving to provide greater protections for the unborn.  Brad noted that there are some states that already have legislation in place that would kick in if the Supreme Court rules that this is constitutional.

Other discussion points included:

  • Some claim that abortion is a human right.  How did Brad respond to that?
  • The Texas Heartbeat Act—When is a ruling expected on that and how many children are being saved by it?
  • How Biden’s “Build Back Better” effort is deliberately excluding the Hyde Amendment.
  • On December 16, the FDA will issue a decision concerning chemical abortion pills.

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