Freedom From the Fear of Death

Date: February 3, 2022
Host: Dalton Windsor
​Guest: Mike Gendron
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Are you ready to die?  While we could present various death statistics, one is absolutely certain…everyone will one day die.  Then there is the judgment where every one of us will stand before our Creator.

The idea here isn’t to scare anyone, but as Mike Gendron pointed out, when you do die and stand before God, will you be standing before a sin avenging judge or a merciful Savior? 

Mike Gendron is the founder and director of Proclaiming the Gospel Ministry.  Mike was a devout Roman Catholic for over 3 decades and was taught to rely upon the authority of the church above all else.  Mike searched the Scriptures and was amazed to find that what he read in Scripture contradicted the teaching and tradition of the church he had been a part of for so long.  He trusted Jesus as his Savior and now the Bible has become his sole authority in all matters of faith.  Mike is the author of the books, Preparing for Eternity and Contending for the Gospel and has produced numerous videos with warnings concerning false teachings vs. the truth of the Scriptures.

Mike began by telling listeners that what you do on earth will determine what you will be when you meet God.  For the believer, death is merely the passageway into heaven.  However, the Bible has much to say about the destiny of those who die without Christ.

It’s in regard to Mike’s February newsletter that this program proceeded to look at what can be done to avoid having the kind of paralyzing fear of physical death that most non-believers have.  That kind of enslaving fear is dealt with in Scripture in Hebrews 2:15.  Mike indicated that this refers to a deeper spiritual instinct that goes beyond simple emotion or feeling afraid.  It’s the instinctive awareness that a person has that they are in jeopardy before a holy and just God who will judge them for their sin. 

The Bible is our infallible source for truth.  It’s 100% trustworthy due to the fact that it’s the inspired Word of God.  As such, it gives infallible instructions on how to save people from spiritual death.  Sadly, most people dismiss it, reject it or ignore it.  Nonetheless, we need to point people to this infallible source for truth so they turn to Christ and receive forgiveness of sin, salvation and therefore freedom from fear concerning death.

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