American Freedom Convoy & News Roundup

Date: February 25, 2022
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: Derek DePauw
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Derek DePauw is the route coordinator for the American Freedom Convoy.

The American Freedom Convoy is taking off March 1st from the West Coast.  Derek will be leading a convoy out of North Dakota on the 3rd.  The goal is to reach Washington, D.C. on the 7th.    

The purpose of the American Freedom Convoy is to prevent the kind of government overreach we’ve seen as it concerns the individual medical choices of citizens.

Jim had Derek give his views related to how the trucker protest was handled in Canada by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and whether or not similar circumstances could occur here in the U.S.

Jim then moved the program into the news highlight section.  Here’s a brief selection of stories covered:

–As many as 1,000 truckers are said to be involved in the “People’s Convoy” that left California on Wednesday on their 11 day trek to Washington, D.C.

–Canada has ended the Emergencies Act that was put in place due to their trucker protest.

–President Biden and his NATO counterparts agreed today to send thousands of troops, backed by air and naval support, to protect allies near Russia and Ukraine in response to Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade. 

–As Russia continues its full-scale military invasion into Ukraine, the Ukrainian government announced Thursday that all Ukrainian men, ages 18 to 60, will be barred from leaving the country.

–Ukraine instructed citizens to take up arms, including the manufacturing of Molotov cocktails to fight back against the Russian military.

–Ukrainian President Zelensky says 137 civilians and military personnel have been killed so far in the invasion.

–Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are quiet about whether the Kremlin and high ranking Russian officials, who are using the platform to give updates about Russia’s advance on Ukraine and spread Russian propaganda, will continue to have unfettered access to their accounts.

–Several Russian government websites went dark yesterday amid the fighting.  

–Russian police detained more than 650 people participating in protests yesterday against the invasion.

–The Biden administration is seeking to divert customs and border protection officers from the U.S. southern border crisis and send them to Europe to help process U.S. citizens fleeing from the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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