Impactful Christian Film

Date: March 2, 2022
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: Dave Christiano
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Dave Christiano is a Christian film director, producer, writer and distributor.  Dave at one time was destined for Hollywood with high hopes and big dreams.  God had a higher calling on his life to produce Christian films, which he’s been doing for over 35 years.

This edition of Crosstalk takes a look at 4 video evangelistic tools put forth by Dave.  As you listen, you can be sure there will be someone that will come to mind who can be touched by the situations involved and the messages of hope that are all based upon God’s Word.  For example:

  • Power of the Air is about the power of Hollywood and the media in people’s lives.  The story is about a missionary from Africa that comes to America and is speaking at churches of various denominations.  He eventually meets up with a Christian who’s very concerned about souls and evangelism.  The missionary tells this Christian that the church in America is in great danger and that American Christians don’t understand just how Satan is working.   

7th Street Theatre is about 5 Christian actors that put on a weekend stage show for their community. Dave did 3 seasons as a writer and this gave him the opportunity to deal with numerous topics through various dramatic skits and routines that take place onstage.  Each 25 minute segment conveys a lesson or spiritual truth.  Episodes include:

  • Mayday is about 3 people that survive a plane crash (via a raft) in the Atlantic Ocean.  One person is a missionary from Ireland, one is a female flight attendant from London and the 3rd is an atheistic stock broker from New York.  The lesson of this episode surrounds the issue of the end-times.
  • Bus Stop is about a man who works each night at a hospital.  After work he goes down to the bus stop to take the bus home.  One evening a woman approaches him and they have a conversation.  In the course of the conversation, the woman finds out the man’s wife left him 4 years ago after an argument at that bus stop and he’s hoping she’ll come back.  He’s been praying for her but he’s becoming discouraged, bitter, angry and also doubting the Lord.
  • On the Air is about a late-night radio talk show host.  In his last 15 minute segment he receives a call from a 29 year-old Christian, single woman who’s not suicidal, but still very depressed.    

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