Ketanji Brown Jackson SCOTUS Nomination

Date: March 24, 2022
Host: Jim Schneider
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Since Monday, confirmation hearings have been taking place in the Senate Judiciary Committee for 51 year old Ketanji Brown Jackson.  She’s been tabbed by the Biden administration to be the newest Supreme Court justice, as 83 year old Justice Stephen Breyer is set to retire at the end of this current session.

This broadcast was highlighted by audio clips to give listeners a glimpse into the judicial philosophy of Jackson, who is currently a judge on the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.  Clips included:

  • Under questioning by Marsha Blackburn, Jackson can’t provide a definition for the word, “woman.”
  • Her response to questions concerning Critical Race Theory by Senator Ted Cruz.
  • Her response to the concept of “court packing” while under questioning by Senator Chuck Grassley.
  • Under questioning from Senator John Kennedy, she had no idea as to when life begins.
  • Senator Ted Cruz raised concerns about Jackson’s leniency toward criminals convicted of child pornography.

Listeners wrapped up the program with their thoughts on the nominee and her answers.

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