Standing for Life in a Post-Roe Nation

Date: July 5, 2022
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: Brad Mattes
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Jim began this program by noting that Dr. Ed Hindson, from World Prophetic Ministry, went home to be with the Lord on Saturday, July 2nd.

Jim also noted the mass shooting that took place yesterday in Highland Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.  This shows once again how we’re living in a time of lawlessness when, as the Bible describes it, men will do that which is right in their own eyes.

Yesterday most Americans were celebrating Independence Day and the freedoms granted by God that are communicated through our founding documents.  However, for a marginal group of liberals, this day was different as they used their freedom to denounce the holiday.  They used it to protest the overturning of Roe v. Wade and claim that women are no longer free.  Some extremists actually advocated blowing up the U.S. while others suggested burning it down.

To discuss where we’re at now that the “dust is settling” after the Supreme Court’s decision, Crosstalk welcomed Brad Mattes.  Brad is president of Life Issues Institute which was founded in 1991 to serve the educational needs of the pro-life movement.  He’s the host of Life Issues, a daily radio commentary and has produced numerous radio specials standing for life.

There’s much to take away from this broadcast.  Some highlights included:

  • The Supreme Court justices were very courageous in light of the protests and threats.  Brad indicated that 3 of the 5 came from a very unlikely source. That’s former President Donald Trump.  Initially he supported partial birth abortion.  By God’s grace and mercy that changed and he became the most pro-life president America has ever had.  He’s an example of how God uses flawed individuals to obtain great victories and expand His kingdom.
  • 49 abortion centers have closed their doors.  Brad continues to watch the number of abortion-free states continue to rise.
  • The Supreme Court has been politely telling appellate courts to re-engage in how they interpret the law in lieu of the overturning of Roe.
  • The overturning of Roe is affecting other nations.  Jim noted that pro-life forces in Ireland are energized by our decision.  Brad responded by noting an interview he had with a very liberal European news agency after the overturning of Roe.  The news agency pegged America as having such extreme laws.  Brad then informed the interviewer that 96% of European nations have laws that restrict abortion at 15 weeks and most restrict abortion at 12 weeks or earlier.  In other words, America is simply catching up with the rest of the world.
  • The Biden administration is blaming the Supreme Court for a heightened threat environment due to their decision to overturn Roe.

Hear the rest, along with questions and comments from listeners, when you review this edition of Crosstalk. 

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