An Explosion of LGBTQ Indoctrination

Date: August 30, 2022
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: Peter LaBarbera
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There are numerous issues plaguing our nation these days and one of them is the proliferation of the LGBTQ+ movement.  The agenda they laid out many years go was branded as satire, yet we see this agenda being fulfilled in numerous ways across America today.

For example, during this past month of June, our government got involved via every branch of the military as they celebrated pride month.  The public education system continues to push this agenda.  Entertainers are not only including this agenda in their performances but also through their social media channels.  Sadly, this agenda is also being adopted by churches. 

The Bible isn’t silent on this issue.  In Genesis 18:20, God described the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah as very grievous and by the way, that was not the sin of not being hospitable enough.  How long will we continue in this direction while avoiding the warnings of God, such as we read about not only in Genesis but other areas such as Luke 17 (beginning in verse 26)?

Returning to Crosstalk for an update on the LGBTQ+ movement, Jim welcomed Peter LaBarbera.  Peter is the founder and president of Americans for Truth.

Here’s a brief selection of points discussed on this broadcast:

  • Last week a federal appeals court in Texas protected the religious beliefs and convictions of healthcare professionals as the Biden administration was trying to force them to perform so-called gender transition procedures. 
  • The World Boxing Council has banned gender confused men from competing against women.
  • HR8404 (the so-called Respect for Marriage Act) that federalizes Obergefell v. Hodges.  Jim noted news on this issue from the Family Research Council that in September Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is likely going to bring this up for a vote and already there are Republican senators jumping on board.
  • A psychologist claims many children in the womb are aware they are transgender. 
  • Disney signs on a drag queen for a superhero series aimed at children.
  • Canadian churches inviting drag-queens to speak with children.
  • The Mennonite Pastors Leadership Team has passed a resolution repenting of hurting and excluding LGBTQ people. (This is not the position of every Mennonite church.)

This program had much more including questions and comments for Peter from listeners.

More Information

To contact your senators regarding the Respect for Marriage Act call 202-224-3121.

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