Jewish Fall Feasts

Date: September 19, 2022
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: Marty Zide
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Marty Zide is the director of the Midwest Messianic Center.  As a Jew, he placed his trust in Jesus as his Messiah in December, 1971.

The Jewish calendar has many holidays of significance, broken up between spring and fall feasts.  Marty gave listeners an overall picture of these but then specifically concentrated on the fall feasts.  They include: 

  • Rosh Hashanah (Feast of Trumpets)—September 25th, beginning at sundown.
  • Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement—October 4th and 5th)—This is the one day the High Priest was allowed to enter the Holy of Holies to offer atonement for the sins of the people.
  • Feast of Tabernacles (Also known as the Feast of Booths-October 9-16th)-This celebrates the wanderings of the Israelites in the wilderness.

How are these feasts viewed from a Jewish perspective?  What observations can believers in Christ make as it relates to their significance?  Marty provided the answers to these questions, as well as questions from listeners, on this edition of Crosstalk.

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