News Roundup & Comment

Date: September 30, 2022
Host: Jim Schneider
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Here’s the lineup of stories from the early portion of this week’s program:

–The governor of the State of Tennessee signed a proclamation declaring today, September 30th, as a day of prayer, humility and fasting in that state.  The Freedom from Religion Foundation called this proclamation, unamerican.  

–The southwest coast of Florida has been forever transformed by the devastating winds and storm surge of Hurricane Ian.  21 people are believed to have been killed.  It’s now taking aim at South Carolina.

–Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar indicated that voting Democrat can help stop climate change and hurricane disasters.

–The Nord Stream pipeline that runs from Russia to Germany was sabotaged Wednesday resulting in 3 leaks.  

–The CIA warned Germany of possible attacks on the Nord Stream pipelines weeks ago. 

–Former President Trump addressed the seriousness of the sabotage of the Nord Stream 2 pipelines, warning that such an act could be sufficient to trigger World War III.

–On Wednesday, the U.S. embassy in Moscow began urging Americans with dual U.S./Russian citizenship to leave Russia or risk being forced into Russia’s escalating war with Ukraine. 

–Vladimir Putin signed an order today that will officially (in Russia’s view) annex 4 Ukrainian regions under the rule of the Russian federation.

–Russia has begun to expand its influence in Latin America.

–The U.S. Army’s first transgender officer has been indicted for attempting to pass medical information to the Russians in a bid to aid Vladimir Putin’s campaign in Ukraine.

–Iran’s protests show no signs of slowing anger toward the morality police.

–The White House has scrubbed the gaffe of VP Kamala Harris who incorrectly said that America was in a strong and enduring alliance with the republic of North Korea.

–North Korea fired two ballistic missiles just hours after VP Kamala Harris left the demilitarized zone in South Korea.

–Italy voted in their first female prime minister and the liberal media has gone apoplectic because her campaign ran on God, country and family.

–Hillary Clinton compared the rallies of Donald Trump to those of Adolf Hitler.

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