Date: October 4, 2022
Host: Jim Schneider
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There’s much going on in our nation that’s causing disruption, confusion, chaos and intimidation in order to provoke one against another.  We see this in various “targets” that Jim pointed to. 

For example, when speaking before the Democratic National Committee Women’s Leadership Forum, Vice President Kamala Harris suggested that aid for hurricane Ian would be given based upon equity, hinting that people of low income and color would be the first to receive such aid.

President Biden personally called a Coast Guard rescue swimmer to thank him for his heroic work during hurricane Ian because he saved a wheelchair bound woman and her husband.  Ironically, he’s set to be kicked out of the Guard due to his vaccine status.

Under the guise of inclusivity, we have allowed books to be available for children to read that are clearly pornographic.  On the other hand, Jill Biden believes all books should be in the library because (in America) we don’t ban books.  Jim provided audio of her comments.  

Members of a Vermont Women’s high school volleyball team have been banned from utilizing their own locker room following a dispute over a transgender athlete using the facility.     

Review this edition of Crosstalk and you can hear other examples of targeting that deal with topics such as pediatric gender clinics, abortion, illegal border crossings, targeting conservative news sites, as well as thoughts and comments from listeners.

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