As Goes California…

Date: October 10, 2022
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: Randy Thomasson
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Randy Thomasson is the founder and president of, Campaign for Children and Families, championing family-friendly policies and constitutional liberties in California.

Jim began by reminding listeners that California was once the state that elected Ronald Reagan to be the governor.  What’s happened since then?

Randy responded by noting that large population states like New York and California have been losing people plus there’s been the effect of the right to unionize movement (if you’re a government worker).  That last point opened Pandora’s box, Democratic governors expanded on that, and now the largest contributors to Democratic candidates are the nation’s largest unions.

So why does Randy believe voters are so foolish?  It’s because they’re believing lies.  These lies come from people who will do anything for money and are interested in power over principle.  This includes the abortionists, the perversity crowd, the environmentalists, liberal attorneys and the Hollywood crowd.  All support and give money to the Democrat cause.  Also, when you’ve had over six decades of Democrat rule in the California legislature, he believes that’s what’s causing all the suffering and why so many people are moving out.  The state continues to vote Democrat because people don’t connect the cause to the effect.

The answer?  Randy believes the church must rise up and become a more potent force and that if the churches would vote and vote righteously, people could take California back.

As the broadcast unfolded, Jim had Randy also address the following:

  • Senate Bill 107—This would compel minor children to come to California for a sex change.  It empowers LGBTQIA+ activists to legally kidnap and mutilate children.
  • What’s happening in California on the abortion front.
  • AB-1797 sets up a statewide database tracking your vaccines and also mandates tracking your race and ethnicity.
  • The energy issue: fuel, fires and environmental fanaticism.

All of these issues have an effect on the entire nation.  Learn more, and hear what listeners had to say, on this edition of Crosstalk.

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