Questions Teens Ask About the Bible

Date: November 14, 2022
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guests: Carl Kerby and Frank Figueroa Jr.
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We’re certainly in a spiritual battle today.  It’s not against flesh and blood but it’s against principalities and powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, and spiritual wickedness in high places.  Whether you realize it or not, as it pertains to this battle, the youth of this generation have a big target painted on their backs. 

How do we fend off such conflict?  Is victory possible?  

Joining Jim in-studio to provide some answers was Carl Kerby.  Carl is president & founder of Reasons for Hope.  Prior to forming Reasons for Hope, he was a founding board member of Answers in Genesis and served there for 15 years.  Carl is a former air-traffic controller at Chicago-O’Hare.  He’s co-creator and host for the video series, Weapons of Mass Instruction, presenter of the DVD series for teens, Demolishing Strongholds and presenter on the Becoming Bold series for teens and adults.  He is producer of the DeBunked video series.  He is also an author of numerous books including his latest release, Did Jesus Commit Suicide: And 27 Other Questions.

Also appearing was Frank Figueroa Jr.  Frank is a pastor in Hawaii and presenter for Reasons For Hope.  He’s been a presenter at a number of Christian and private schools throughout Hawaii and a keynote speaker at the Hawaii Homeschool Conference.

Over the years there’s been some alarming statistics concerning young people walking away from the faith.  Are we getting any better at stopping this trend or is this still a huge problem?  Carl answered that by passing along some information concerning a Gallop survey.  It showed that less than 15% of evangelicals have a biblical worldview.  He noted that without such a worldview, you’re not going to be able to withstand what Satan is throwing at you.

This broadcast looked at things that are causing young people to be distracted from the truth, most notably, “smart” devices, how these things are affecting parental instruction and interaction, as well as what Carl and Frank are hearing from parents concerning the raising of kids today.

So what are some of the questions teens are asking?  For example, did Jesus commit suicide?  Since the Bible was written by men, are there errors and contradictions in it?  

Answers…the Bible has them, but how do we best communicate them to our youth?  Find out how Carl and Frank are doing their part, and how you can to, by reviewing this edition of Crosstalk.

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