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Date: November 15, 2022
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: Robert Knight
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One week ago today, voters across America were casting their votes in the mid-term election.  Many were predicting a “red wave”.  It turned out to be a “purple trickle.”

As of this broadcast, the Senate has 49 Republicans and 50 Democrats with the December Georgia runoff still hanging in the balance.  Either way, Chuck Schumer will continue as majority leader.  In the House, projections show 13 seats left in play with Republicans holding 217 seats to the Democrats 205.

Then there’s the election for governor of Arizona where now it appears that Katie Hobbs has won over Kari Lake.

This was the brief review given by Jim before his introduction of guest Robert Knight.  Robert is a former Los Angeles Times news editor and columnist for the Washington Times and contributes to other publications as well.  Robert has held senior positions in a number of pro-family organizations.  He has written several books including The Coming Communist Wave: What Happens If the Left Captures All Three Branches of Government, Liberty on the Brink, and the brand new: Crooked: What Really Happened in the 2020 Election and How to Stop the Fraud

Jim then sought comment from Robert concerning H.R.8404 that the U.S. Senate will soon be voting on.  H.R.8404 (Mat Staver from Liberty Counsel calls it, the oxymoronic Respect for Marriage Act) previously passed the House 267-156.  47 Republicans joined the 220 Democrats to pass the legislation.  

Yesterday, Senator Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin, an open lesbian, said she has 8 Republican votes, 5 who will support it and 3 who quietly told her they will probably support it but she’s keeping their identity a secret.

Robert noted that in any governing republic where the people elect their leaders, there’s at least one party that defends the moral order and the things that last.  The Republicans have cast themselves as that party, so he believes that for any Republican to join the LGBTQ bandwagon is a complete betrayal of that trust.  This is as radical as it gets and stabs at the heart of God’s creation.  Jim then followed up by noting that this will simply deconstruct marriage.

A vote could happen Thursday or even tomorrow.  Jim indicated that according to Mat Staver, Chuck Schumer has invoked Rule #14 which means he can rush the bill to the floor without one Senate committee hearing on the legislation.  This is why it’s important for you to communicate with your legislators on this matter.

Regarding the election in general, Robert believes the Republicans should have taken 50 or 60 seats in the House and maybe 10 in the Senate.  Instead, with raging inflation, border problems, fentanyl deaths, crime spiking nationwide, foreign policy disasters, and about 75% of Americans believing we’re headed in the wrong direction, the nation put the Democrats back in charge.  

He doesn’t “buy it” yet he does realize that millions continue to pull the lever for Democrats although he believes they’ve been educated to do so because they’ve been told that Republicans are semi-fascists and extremists that are going to hold women down and force them to have babies.  As he stated, “They and the media and big-tech have characterized Republicans and conservatives and Christians, frankly, as anti-freedom zealots who will threaten democracy.”  He’s afraid that communicating a lot of this has worked.

Jim and Robert had much more to say, as did callers, on this important edition of Crosstalk.

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