Thanksgiving and the Pilgrim Adventure

Date: November 23, 2022
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: William J. Federer
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William J. (Bill) Federer is a nationally known speaker, historian, author, and president of Amerisearch, Inc.  He’s the speaker on The American Minute daily broadcast.  He has authored numerous books including, America’s God and Country Encyclopedia of QuotationsWho is the King in America?, and Socialism: The Real History From Plato to the Present.  It has the subtitle: How the Deep State Capitalizes on Crises to Consolidate Control.

Starting with conditions in the world prior to the time of the Pilgrims, Bill provided a perspective on the American holiday of Thanksgiving you may not have heard.  He worked his way to the fleeing of the Pilgrims to Holland, their voyage to America, the Mayflower Compact and how that model shaped our government, their attempt at communism, Samoset and Squanto, the influence of Muslim pirates, and much more as he worked his way to the present. 

When Bill is on Crosstalk, class is in session!  So have a pen or pencil and notebook ready as you learn the true history that shows how God’s hand preserved the Pilgrims and that in spite of extremely difficult circumstances, this led to the Thanksgiving holiday we celebrate today.

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