LGBT Agenda Swallowing up a Nation

Date: November 29, 2022
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: Peter LaBarbera
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Not too many years ago, we were told to be tolerant of the homosexual lifestyle.  As homosexuality became LGBT, the movement didn’t want to simply be tolerated, they wanted acceptance.  Eventually they wanted society to go beyond even that to where today the demand is for everyone to celebrate the lifestyle.  The result is that LBGTQ “pride” is being celebrated at numerous levels in schools, pre-schools, colleges and universities, TV networks, government agencies, corporate America, and more.

The new demand is for forced participation as the Senate looks at the forcing of states to recognize so-called same-sex marriage and other aberrant unions as well.  If you show dissent, there will be consequences.     

Joining Jim to discuss this and related issues was Peter LaBarbera.  Peter is the founder and president of Americans for Truth.

Numerous news items and points related to this topic were covered including:

  • The Senate took their next vote to advance the so-called “Respect for Marriage Act.”  12 Republicans joined with Democrats Monday to move this forward.  They included:  Susan Collins of Maine, Rob Portman of Ohio, Thom Tillis of North Carolina, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Mit Romney of Utah, Roy Blunt of Missouri, Richard Burr of North Carolina, Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia, Joni Ernst of Iowa, Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming, Dan Sullivan of Alaska, and Todd Young of Indiana.

      Peter indicated that it looks like the legislation will pass.  Not only     

      would it enshrine the double evil of homosexual, so-called marriage (as it 

      promotes homosexuality while also re-defining marriage), Peter also believes 

      it will fail to protect Christians. 

  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) abandoned polygamy in the 1890’s yet announced November 15th it supports the Respect for Marriage Act.
  • 7 years before taking the helm at Christianity Today, CEO Timothy Dalrymple went on record arguing that it might be time to stop opposing same-sex marriage as a matter of law, believing that marriage is an issue of secondary importance.  
  • The Club Q shooting.  The “right” was blamed, yet eventually it was discovered that the alleged shooter came out as non-binary. 
  • Audio from a drag queen (Dylan Pontiff) admitting that the goal is the grooming of the next generation. 

This covers just the first half of the program.  Jim and Peter had much more, including comments from listeners, on this edition of Crosstalk. 

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