News Roundup & Comment

Date: December 16, 2022
Host: Jim Schneider
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Below are highlights from Jim’s look at news events from our nation and around the world.  Stories included:

–President Biden signed the so-called, “Respect for Marriage Act” this week.

–The 12 Republican senators who threw their support behind the “Respect for Marriage Act” were swayed by cash and political clout wielded by a group of prominent donors, several of whom identify as “gay.” 

–Famed Christian music artist Amy Grant will be hosting a same-sex wedding.

–The 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has blocked attempts by the Biden administration to force religious hospitals and doctors to perform gender transition surgeries.

–10 trans-attorneys from the National Trans Bar Association were admitted into the Supreme Court bar becoming the latest in a small group of openly trans lawyers to gain the ability to argue cases before the highest court in the U.S.

–Cambridge Dictionary is being blasted by online critics for revising the definition of “man” and “woman” to include people who do not identify with their biological sex.

–In a brazen act of anti-Christian disrespect and cultural appropriation, Edison Middle School, in the formerly conservative town of Wheaton, Illinois, has chosen to mock a Christian symbol that celebrates the birth of Christ by prominently displaying a full size, rainbow colored gay pride Christmas tree.

–A school district that gave pre-schoolers a book on cross-dressing has changed its procedures for giving out books after news of the incident surfaced late last month.   

–The Ohio Board of Education passed a resolution Tuesday that opposes the Biden administrations Title IX revisions that protect students on the basis of gender identity.  

–On December 15th, the U.S. Senate passed the National Defense Authorization Act at a price to taxpayers of 858 billion dollars.  

–Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that if even one missile enters Russian territory, hundreds of warheads will respond.

–The U.S. poised to approve sending a Patriot missile battery to Ukraine.

–Vladimir Putin has reasserted his nuclear threat against the West by appearing to prepare for combat use a massive nuclear missile that’s capable of hitting both the U.S. and the U.K.

–Russia’s foreign ministry warned Thursday that if the U.S. delivers sophisticated air defense systems to Ukraine, those systems and any crews that accompany them would be a legitimate target for the Russian military.

–A salvo of at least 76 Russian missiles knocked out power and water across Ukraine as President Putin’s forces continued their campaign of attacking the infrastructure.   

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