Israel Always

Date: January 11, 2023
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: Chris Katulka
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With such a small land mass, their many enemies, and numerous U.N. resolutions against her, many people are astonished by the existence of Israel.  What they fail to understand is that Israel plays a major role in the narrative of the Bible and that includes prophecy.  

The guest on this program has written that God’s faithfulness to Israel is an incredible affirmation of His unconditional goodness.  From God’s promise to Abraham, to today, we can see His hand continuing to guide and to protect the Jewish people.

The guest we’re referring to was Chris Katulka.  Chris is assistant director of North American Ministries at The Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry and host of The Friends of Israel Today radio program.  He is a Bible teacher, and writer for Israel My Glory magazine and is author of the new book, Israel Always.

According to Chris, there has never been a group of people that have been exiled from their land, then after thousands of years, not only returned to that same land, but maintained their identity as well.

So for Chris, where does the story of Israel begin?  It’s starts with Abraham.  From creation in Genesis 1, to chapter 11, it’s a very long time period.  Why would God take only 11 chapters for this?  Chris believes these 11 chapters are a funnel that takes us straight to Abraham and his family.  

Moving to chapter 12 you see the promise to Abraham regarding the land of Israel, the descendants of the Jewish people, and the promise of a multi-faceted blessing.  He noted how this is where Christians fit in as believers in Christ who one day through Abraham, all the families of the earth would be blessed.

So it’s important to understand the unconditional promise and the single step of faith that Abraham took to listen to the call of God.  That set into motion how God would choose not only Israel and the Jewish people, but how God would choose them for a purpose, to bring redemption and salvation to the world. 

Get ready to learn a lot about the Jewish nation past, present, and future when you hear Chris answer these and other questions:

  • Why is Israel considered the center of the world?  
  • Do all Abrahamic faiths fall under the Abrahamic covenant?  
  • Chris writes that there are four dates that have radically enhanced the way he reads and interprets the Bible.  What are those dates and why are they significant?   
  • What is the significance of terms such as “diaspora” and “Ashkenazi”?  
  • What names stand out in the founding of Israel?   

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