The LGBTQ+ Floodgates are Open

Date: January 12, 2023
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: Peter LaBarbera
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As our nation spirals out of control morally, many things now branded as normal were previously described as being unthinkable.  Just look at the grooming that’s taking place with youth from pre-school to high school.  School leaders, superintendents, colleges and universities, the many layers of our government, the military, the entertainment industry, sports leagues, and more are “all-in.”

In order to show listeners how the LGBTQ+ floodgates are open, Crosstalk welcomed back Peter LaBarbera.  Peter is a reporter for, a former reporter for the Washington Times,, and a former contributing editor for Human Events.  He’s the founder and president of Americans for Truth.

This program began with significant discussion of an LGBTQ+ news item going back to December of 2022.  At that time, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention republished what they’re calling a self-assessment tool that urges school administrators, teachers and health staff to advocate for LGBT causes in school and become what they call, “an awesome ally.”

Peter rightly asked, “What does this have to do with disease control?  This is the  Biden administration just going into hyper-drive as it is wont to do on these issues.” 

He also questioned how you can place the transgender agenda under health when you’re sanctioning the idea of breast removal so that you can appear like a man.

Peter summarized by telling listeners that in reading this self-assessment tool, it’s like a massive, sexual gender cult.  In this case our government is behind it and they’re pushing it on the most vulnerable in our society…our youth.

When Peter appears on Crosstalk, Jim has him comment on numerous stories dealing with the LGBTQ+ agenda.  Here’s a sample of other stories they covered:

  • General Motors gave a grant to an organization that supplies elementary schools with books promoting the transgender ideology.
  • The 2022 annual report for Chicago Public Schools reveals that more than 600 cases of students groomed by adults within the school system were investigated and closed last year.
  • Harvard Medical School has a course that they’re encouraging students to take and it talks about taking care of LGBTQ people from infancy to elder care.  This assumes infants can be LGBTQ and also asexual.

There was more information presented as Jim and Peter headed into the second half hour of the broadcast.  Listeners provided their input as well.

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