Fostering a Culture of Death

Date: January 25, 2023
Host: Jim Schneider
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Jim opened up by noting how it’s repulsive to him to have individuals that call for God’s blessing upon America while at the same time advocating for the death of the pre-born.  This is happening by those in the highest offices of our land.  

An example of this occurred this past Sunday as Vice President Kamala Harris spoke to an audience of pro-abortion advocates in Florida on the 50th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision.  This decision allowed our nation to kill over 64 million pre-born infants, a figure derived from

Jim played audio of most of Harris’ speech, a speech in which she conveniently left out references to our nation’s Creator and the aspect of life as she quoted from our Declaration of Independence.

Later in the broadcast, Jim also presented audio from U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland.  After hearing from both Harris and Garland, ask yourself the following question: Is it possible that Romans 1:20-25 and verses 28-29 actually describe the moral state of affairs in America today?  You decide, and hear what listeners had to say as well, on this edition of Crosstalk.

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