Bibles Needed!

Date: January 30, 2023
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: Jason Woolford
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This past Christmas, many of you received a Bible for Christmas.  What will you do with your old one?  Are you aware that there’s a ministry that collects used Bibles and distributes them to people around the world who are praying that somehow, someone might send them a Bible because they lack the resources to purchase a new one?  

To discuss how you can meet this critical need, Jim welcomed back Jason Woolford. Jason is the president & executive director of Mission Cry.

The average home has over 7 Bibles sitting unused so Jason encourages people from around the U.S. to send those to Mission Cry.  Once sent, they go through a sorting process, they get packaged, boxed, put on pallets, and then into sea containers.  Then throughout distribution points these materials are given away absolutely free.  Mission Cry has sent over 410 million dollars worth of free used Bibles and Christian books to over 178 nations around the world.  

Their missionary in China reported that Apple and Android Bible apps have been removed there for those that can have a phone.  According to this missionary, this means the printed form of the Word of God is more necessary now than ever before.

Jason explained that the containers are the 20 foot units that you see on large ships.  They are filled with 10 pallets.  Just last year, Mission Cry sent English Bibles to 24 different nations and the need for Bibles is greater than the number Mission Cry has on hand.

Donated Bibles will get into the hands of those attending seminaries and Bible colleges, prisons, orphanages, schools, evangelists, and missionaries who are native to that particular country.

More Information

Send your used Bibles via Media Mail (U.S. Postal Service) to:

Mission Cry

200 Free Street

Fowlerville, MI.  48836


To sponsor a sea container of Bibles, send your gifts to:

Mission Cry

P.O. Box 356

Fowlerville, MI.  48836

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