What in the World?

Date: February 28, 2023
Host: Jim Schneider
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For those of you not familiar with this series, there’s an old phrase that goes like this: “What in the World?”  It’s a phrase that someone might say after seeing or hearing something that’s surprising, angering or disgusting.

Numerous recent news examples fit this framework as they simply defy, not merely common sense, but common moral sense when viewed from a biblical perspective.  Here are some examples:

–The Arizona legislature is considering a piece of legislation known as Senate Bill 1700.  This would give parents the opportunity to review books and materials used in the schools for 120 days before they are available to students and to allow parents to request the removal of the books/materials.  This concerns books/materials that are lewd or sexual in nature, promote gender fluidity, gender pronouns, or that groom children into normalizing pedophilia.  A common sense piece of legislation, right?  A group known as “Equality Arizona” described  the legislation as “unconstitutional,” “viciously transphobic,” and “anti-LGBTQ”.

–A high school teacher in Washington state suggested that schools should hide information about children from their parents because kids, “are not safe in this nation from their Christo-fascist parents…”

–In a new report, America’s largest teachers union is encouraging educators to bargain for their healthcare coverage to include abortion.

–In a clear example of abortion tourism, an abortion business in New York is offering a new program for women living in pro-life states.  The “Out of Town” program brings women from their home state to the abortion facility in Queens, New York.

–At a pro-abortion rally in Minnesota, a United Church of Christ pastor said if you don’t support abortion, your faith is too small.

–Spain has a new animal welfare law that decriminalizes relations with animals   because “zoophiles” are just another spectrum on the trans flag.  

–A Memphis drag queen is threatening violence if Governor Bill Lee of Tennessee signs a bill that would ban children from attending drag performances.

–A barrage of bills are working their way through the Illinois legislature.  One bill would punish parents for transmitting any verbal or visual messages intended to cause emotional distress to their children.  To do so could cause the parent to be charged with parental bullying.

Numerous other stories were presented, and listeners provided their input as well, on the latest edition of this special series.

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