COVID Shots Added to CDC’s Recommended Vaccine Schedule

Date: March 2, 2023
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: Barbara Loe Fisher
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Questions continue to be raised regarding COVID-19 vaccines and whether their manufacturers, and even the government, have been honest with the American public.  It’s now a regular occurrence to hear about those in their teens and 20’s dying from myocarditis or going into cardiac arrest.  Others are questioning the use of mRNA vaccines, even as the Florida surgeon general has issued a health alert on their safety.  There’s also great concern that the CDC is adding COVID shots to the recommended vaccine schedule for children and adults.

To sort things out regarding this issue, Crosstalk welcomed back Barbara Loe Fisher.  Barbara is the president of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), a non-profit charity she co-founded with parents of DPT vaccine injured children in 1982.  NVIC is a national, grassroots movement, and public information campaign to institute vaccine safety reforms and informed consent protections in the public health system.  She has researched, analyzed, and publicly articulated the major issues involving the science, policy, law, ethics, and politics of vaccination to become one of the world’s leading non-medical, consumer advocacy experts on the subject.

Jim indicated that the first COVID-19 shot was given on December 14th of 2020.  The narrative given then continues on.  We’re told that all is well and that the vaccines are safe.  President Biden told America that if you get the shot, you can’t get COVID.  We know now that isn’t the case.  

So what have we learned since that first shot was given?  As you may recall, the mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna were rolled out in 2020 under what’s called an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).  According to Barbara, they haven’t been officially licensed for young children so these vaccines are still under an EUA for them. 

When the vaccines began to be used, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) began to show that these vaccines were very reactive and now we know that it is the most reactive vaccine ever put on the market.  In fact, the pre-EUA clinical trials showed that the majority of people who received an mRNA vaccine were showing significant reactions.

Barbara reported that just this week, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) added the vaccines to the recommended childhood vaccine schedule.  It’s the only vaccine in the history of the U.S. that has ever been added to this schedule under an EUA for young children.

Why would our government do this when as of February 17th, the VAERS system reported that there have been more than 1.5 million adverse events reported to them and nearly 35,000 deaths from the shots?  Find out more, and hear how listeners responded, when you review this vital edition of Crosstalk. 

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