Sports Impacted by LGBTQ+ Agenda

Date: March 28, 2023
Host: Jim Schneider
​Guest: Steve McConkey
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Women’s sports are increasingly being decimated by gender confused men who are identifying as women and the media appears to be celebrating the movement.  For example, just recently, ESPN, in celebration of Women’s History Month, gave honor to a biological male identifying and competing in swimming as a female. 

The LGBTQ+ crowd speaks loudly about equity, but where’s the equity in all of this?  

Returning to Crosstalk to discuss this trend was Steve McConkey.  Steve is president & founder of 4 Winds Christian Athletics, a sports ministry founded in 1988.  They take a stand for Christian athletes.  For many years Steve was involved in track and field ministries.  He, along with his wife, have worked through multiple Olympics.

Discussion on this issue began with Jim mentioning how some will argue that if a male takes hormone blockers, it will put them on the same equal basis as a female athlete.  Steve communicated that this is false.  Having a masters degree in public health, he looked at competitive swimmer Lia Thomas, who has longer muscles and longer bone structure.  He noticed that as a biological male, Lia’s “reach” into the water at the sound of the gun to start a race was so much greater, the race was basically over at the start.  

He then noted that a male has 30% more strength than a female and the drugs erase little of that, so the advantage is still intact for the male pretending to be a woman.

What about genetic studies?  In one study he cited, he indicated that with 25,000 genes in the human cell, not one genetic component was found for being gay.

What impact are the transition drugs having on the users?  The suicide rates for transgenders increase along with heart attacks, risk of serious blood clots and stroke for transgender athletes.

As this program moved along, Jim and Steve looked at the transitioning of children, how the number of children identifying as transgender is surging, a troubling Minnesota ruling related to powerlifting, a female cyclist retires due to the presence of biological males, and much more.  

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