News Roundup & Comment

Date: April 14, 2023
Host: Jim Schneider
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As is the usual for Fridays, Jim brought us several current event news stories. See a sampling of the headlines below, but do not be discouraged! Our Lord is Lord of all even if our country and our world tries to kick Him out. We know Who holds the victory, and we know how the story ends. Serve Him faithfully.

  • US Border Vaccine Rules Remain As Biden Ends Covid National Emergency
  • 19 States Tell Appeals Court To Block Abortion Pill That Kills Babies And Injures Women
  • Some States Stockpile Abortion Pill After Court Ruling
  • Kamala Harris Compares Killing Babies With Abortion Pills To Chemotherapy
  • California Bill Would Teach 7th Graders How To Have An Abortion
  • Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Bill To Ban Abortions On Babies With Beating Hearts
  • Maine Governor Janet Mills Pushes Bill To Legalize Abortions Up To Birth
  • Jane’s Revenge Will Be Held Accountable For Attacks On Pro-Life Centers, Lawyer Says
  • New York Police Department: 7 Murders, 33 Rapes, 497 Felony Assaults In NYC Last Week
  • Trump Backlash: House GOP Unleashes Legislation To Block Local Prosecutions Of Presidents
  • News Docs Tie Biden To FBI Raid On Mar-A-Lago
  • Bank Records Show Millions In Transactions Between Hunter Biden, China Firms
  • Trudeau Wants Hard Drugs Available For Kids
  • Federal Court Orders Kentucky Governor To Pay Legal Fees For Churchgoers Who Violated His Lockdown Orders
  • U.S. Approves First 3 Covid Vaccine Injury Claims And Pays Out A Total of $4,634.89
  • Transgender Man Brutally Murders Portland Taxi Driver On Easter Sunday
  • Maryland’s Largest School District Is Teaching 4-Year-Olds About LGBT Pride Without Parents’ Consent
  • DNC To Hold 2024 Convention In Chicago
  • Fox News Will Host First 2024 Republican Presidential Primary Debate In Milwaukee

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