Believers: Called to be “Salt”

By Jim Schneider, Executive Director, VCY America

We live in a dark and depraved world. If you doubt my premise, let’s review briefly what is occurring.

Christianity is under continuous attack. While we forbid the name of Jesus Christ in our schools (unless
you wish to curse), many are promoting the false religious and political system of Islam. Students have
been forced to memorize the pillars of Islam and the Shahada, the Islamic confession of faith. Muslim
awareness days are held with girls wearing the hijab. Muslim Advocacy Days are held annually in
Washington DC and at some state capitols. reported a crowd of around 700 gathered in an old industrial warehouse a few blocks from the
Detroit River for the “largest public satanic ceremony in history.” Most attending professed to be
adherents of satanism. They publicly unveiled a bronze statue of Baphomet, the goat-headed image,
depicting Satan in goat form. Two bronze statue children stand on either side looking up at him
earnestly. It offers a lap that visitors can come to sit on and have their picture taken.

Mocking displays are put in our state capitol at Christmas declaring “Reason’s Greetings” and “Reason
should Prevail.” At Easter, the Freedom from Religion Foundation have displayed, “Nobody died for
your sins, Jesus Christ is a myth.” This group continues their assault on Christianity as they promote
their own religion of atheism.

States have faced lawsuits for pulling funding from Planned Parenthood. Under the guise of healthcare,
some businesses are forced in providing insurance coverage paying for the killing of the unborn. The
governor of Oregon, signed legislation ensuring that everyone, including illegal immigrants, would have
free abortions. In the New York capitol a standing ovation was given when the Governor signed
legislation that sanctions the taking of life, up to the moment of birth. The Governor of Virginia accepts
infanticide by “leaving this up to the doctor and the mother.” Grotesque undercover videos revealed the
dismembering and sale of unborn baby body parts.

In June 2015, in a 5-4 opinion, the US Supreme Court discovered a constitutional right for people of the
same sex to “marry.” Florists, bakers, photographers and property owners have all faced fines for failing
to assist in so-called “same sex marriage.”

Now there’s the push for the entire nation to accept transgenderism. Drag queen story hours have
become the norm. In many schools, boys who claim to identify as girls (and vice versa) now have
access to the same restrooms, locker rooms, showers and sports teams as the gender they wish to
identify. A school in Arizona required students to recite the Declaration of Independence with gender
neutral language. Municipalities are enacting bans on so-called “conversion therapy.”

How do believers, who know Jesus Christ as Savior, live in such times? What is our
Scripture says: “Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour,
wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden
under foot of men.”
(Matthew 5:13)

In modern times we take salt for granted, it is readily available. But in the ancient world, salt was
greatly valued. Our English word salary comes from the word salt. Salary literally means “salt
money.” In ancient Greece salt was exchanged for slaves. This gave rise to the expression, “not worth his salt.” Today that expression is still used to say a person is of little or no value. Merchants in 12th-
Century Timbuktu, the gateway to the Sahara Desert and the seat of scholars, valued salt as highly as
books and gold.

Salt was an exchange commodity, so much so, that “salt routes” were born, through which merchants
transported and sold it in countries where it was not produced. Salt was emblematic of fidelity and
friendship among eastern nations, due to its esteemed value.

Salt had military significance. It is recorded how thousands of Napoleon’s troops died during his retreat
from Moscow, because their wounds would not heal as a result of a lack of salt. In 1777, the British
Lord Howe was jubilant when he succeeded in capturing General Washington’s salt supply. Part of the
British strategy was to deny the American rebels’ access to salt.

In December 1864, during the time of the American Civil War, Union forces trod a forced march
fighting a 36-hour battle to capture Saltville, Virginia, the site of an important salt processing plant
thought to be essential to sustaining the South’s armies.

Salt is mentioned throughout Scripture. Covenants in both the Old and New Testaments were often
sealed with salt. In Leviticus 2:13, meat offerings were seasoned with salt. In Numbers 18:19, a
covenant of salt was one that was a perpetual covenant.

Consider these important principles about salt:

1. Salt is essential – it is an important element for humans

2. Salt hinders corruption and it preserves

3. Salt sweetens – it can sweeten and deodorize, “Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with
salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.”
(Colossians 4:6)

4. Salt seasons whatever it touches, it accents the flavor of food, it renders food pleasant and palatable.
True Christians impact the world for the better.

5. Salt helps keep patios weed free – put salt between patio blocks then sprinkle with water or wait for
rain. Christians as salt can keep a wretched world “weed free.”

6. Salt deices sidewalks and roadways. Believers can melt the hardened, “a soft answer turneth away
wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.”
(Proverbs 15:1)

7. Salt stings an open wound. Warren Wiersbe writes “Christians are not honey to soothe a sinful
world; they are salt to convict it.”

8. Salt purifies and treats. As believers we share the Word. Every Word of God is pure, and works on a
sin-filled heart just like a doctor treats wounds.

9. Salt is a cleaning agent when mixed with other items. “Now ye are clean through the word which I
have spoken unto you.”
(John 15:3)

10. Salt is a healing agent. Mixed with warm water and gargled for a sore throat. It is an antiseptic. As
such, believers represent Jehovah-Rapha, “the God who heals.”

11. Salt makes people thirsty. Non-Christians will see something in us they are searching for and will
take hold of it. “…if any man thirst, let him come unto me, and drink.” (John 7:37) Jesus made people
thirsty for what He alone could give.

There is the danger that salt might lose its saltiness and become good for nothing. Our modern salt
doesn’t lose its saltiness because it is highly refined, but in Jesus’ day, salt did lose its flavor. When that
happened, it became worthless and was thrown out on the road or walkway.

It is critical that believers not lose their effectiveness for Christ. The loss of saltiness as a Christian is
often a gradual thing. First, there is friendship with the world (James 4:4); then we are spotted by the
world (James 1:27); leading to a love for the world (I John 2:15); and finally, conformity to the world.
(Romans 12:2)

Believers in Christ are called to be salt! What is the measure of your effectiveness?

(In a future article we will look at the believer’s call to be “light.”)

(Portions of this article were based on information from and from “Heirs of the King” by Warren Wiersbe.)

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