A World Turned Upside Down

“Never let a crisis go to waste” (Rahm Emmanuel)

By Jim Schneider, Executive Director, VCY America

While debate continues to swirl regarding the genesis of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) there is no doubt
every person has been impacted in a significant way. Many aspects of the response stem from a world
that has turned its back on God.

In brief fashion, consider the priorities established by Governors and municipalities around the country.
In many states, churches have been barred from meeting in person. They are “non-essential.” Yet, for
some odd reason, liquor stores and marijuana dispensaries have been declared “essential.” Why is it that
allowing 10 or more people to walk through the doors of the church is wrong, but allowing scores to
walk into other establishments is okay? What message is sent by this?

It is shocking that the church which carries a message of eternal life is barred from meeting while
abortion centers which destroy physical life are allowed to stay open. While it is deemed “okay” to go
into the clinic to kill one’s baby, its against the law for concerned individuals to stand outside (even
while “social distancing,”) to hold a sign or speak a word of objection. It’s shocking for numerous
officers and squads to be dispatched to ensure the killing continues, while the handful of those pleading
for life are told to “go back home” and “follow the governor’s orders.”

Let’s take a look at New York where the vast majority of coronavirus cases are taking place. How is it
that in dealing with Covid-19, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is given a pass for saying, “If
everything we do saves just one life, I’ll be happy,” while just months ago he signed legislation granting
state approval to killing babies up to the point of birth? The hypocrisy is astounding! The Guttmacher
Institute (which the American Life League says is “an invention of Planned Parenthood, set in action to
ensure the survival and government funding of PP”) reports “in 2017, 105,380 abortions were provided
in New York.” If life was truly valued as he proports, why does he target the most vulnerable of our
population? How can he bring a sudden halt to the state over a virus, while blatantly turning a deaf ear
to the screams of the unborn?

On a broader scale, as I write this column the United Nations is working on a massive spending plan for
the coronavirus that includes funding to abort unborn babies. How long will we continue to ignore that
God hates the hands that shed innocent blood? (Proverbs 6:16-17)

If we’re truly alarmed at the many deaths caused by Covid-19 shouldn’t this mandate the permanent
shutdown of abortion centers that have claimed a quarter million lives in the U.S. this year alone?

Where are the health emergency orders concerning this?

Additionally, we are witnessing the growing intensity of hate against Christianity. A March 27, 2020
editorial in The New York Times was entitled, “The Religious Right’s Hostility to Science Is Crippling
Our Coronavirus Response.” Writer, Katherine Stewart wrote the “denial of science and critical
thinking among religious ultraconservatives now haunts the American response to the coronavirus.” She
also targeted the President early on saying he wanted to see full churches by Easter, rather than just
saying “mid-April.” She’s appalled at this nod to the “religious right.”

A New York state legislator, Senator Brad Hoylman, was outraged that Franklin Graham’s Samaritan
Purse was setting up a tent hospital in New York City to help. Hoylman said, “It’s a shame that the
federal government has left New York with no other choice but to accept charity from bigots.” Where’s
the love? Where’s the tolerance?

While hate toward Christianity increases, other worldwide happenings must not escape our attention.
The former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Gordon Brown, called for global government to
tackle the coronavirus issue. Alarmingly, a recent article from Lifesitenews.com reported, “The United
Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, has announced the creation of a fund for addressing the
global coronavirus pandemic – and he is simultaneously asking nations to contribute the equivalent of at
least 10 percent of the annual income of the entire planet creating a massive ‘human-centered,
innovative and coordinated stimulus package’ that would be administered at the international level.”
And writing in The Wall Street Journal April 3, 2020, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger called
for a New World Order writing that world leaders need to make the “transition to the post-coronavirus

Keep your eyes wide open for a renewed push for global government, a cashless society (yes, some
stores are refusing cash), forced vaccinations and greater emergency powers.

These issues are not only hitting us in the United States, but such efforts are underway around the globe.
Hearing from some friends in Ecuador, they report that they can only leave their home every other day
for food, medicine or emergencies, and then only between 5am-2pm. Otherwise they are under curfew
to stay at home. Each must have an identification card and using the last number of their ID will only
allow them to go to market on a certain day, according to the number on the card. Automobiles are
being watched. If your license plate ends with an odd number, you can travel on odd numbered days.
The same is true for even numbers on the plate and travel on even number days. Country after country
are enacting far reaching measures.

This ought to be a wakeup call! To the reader who is putting off trusting Christ as Savior, the time will
come when it will be too late. Heed the warning today, “behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now
is the day of salvation.” (II Corinthians 6:2). To the reader who knows Christ, let us be faithful and
diligent in carrying out the Lord’s work. While we do not know the day or the hour of his return, we can
rest in full assurance, Jesus is coming again. (John 14:1-6) Let us occupy until He comes!

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