TikTok Regret Went Viral


This week I’m dedicating Life Issues commentaries to those who’ve chosen abortion and regret it. One woman posted her regret on TikTok that went viral.  Part of her comments included, “Doesn’t anybody talk about how hard abortion is on a woman?  I hate myself every day.”  Some of the posted comments were equally heartbreaking.  One woman wrote, “It’s been seven years for me, no one really understands it.  The silent pain.”  Another posted: “It has eaten at me every day since then.  My biggest regret.”  Karen wrote, “Eleven years and it still hurts.  Constantly fighting for peace within.”  Renee said, “I ended up in the psych ward after mine.  I completely understand your emotion.”  Visit lifeissues.org for free resources to help men and women after abortion.

This post originally appeared at https://lifeissues.org/2023/04/tiktok-regret-went-viral/

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