Abortion Extremists Shellacked in Texas


Pro-abortion extremists got a drubbing by voters in the cities of San Antonio and El Paso Texas.  On the ballot was Proposition A which among other things would reverse state law and legalize abortion.  Of course, this isn’t enforceable because the state legislature passed bills ending most all abortions.  One of the things that was so newsworthy is the margin of defeat suffered by the liberals of Texas.  In San Antonio 72% of the voters shot down Proposition A.  In El Paso it was even worse, 84% voted no.  This was the first vote taken since the demise of Roe v Wade last year that opened the door for almost full protection of their unborn babies.  I pray this is the beginning of an awakening of voters against the radical Left.

This post originally appeared at https://lifeissues.org/2023/05/abortion-extremists-shellacked-in-texas/

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