Mississippi Abortion Center Sold


Mississippi had one abortion business left until a pro-life law went into effect protecting unborn babies and their mothersThe abortion center was called “The Pink House” because of its bright pink color on the buildingIt was sold minutes after the Supreme Court reversed Roe and purchased by Mike Peters, a businessman who wanted to fill the space with a “positive business.”  He chose Hunt the Shop, a consignment shop of one-of-a-kind furniture piecesThe building’s been gutted, and they hope to move in March oneThe abortion center didn’t close but moved its deadly business to New Mexico where they’ll be committing late-term abortionsThey’re calling it “The Pink House West.”  Please join me in praying the Lord intercedes and foils their plans to continue killing babies

This post originally appeared at https://lifeissues.org/2023/06/mississippi-abortion-center-sold/

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