Bridgeport, CT – the final home of Fanny Crosby

Learn the story behind “Safe in the Arms of Jesus” and “I Shall Know Him” as we go on location to Bridgeport, CT where Fanny Crosby’s later years were spent. We’ll see:

Bridgeport Public Library:

Open any hymnal and you will find countless hymns by Fanny Crosby. Though her early life was spent in New York, her later years were here in Bridgeport, CT. Here at the Bridgeport Public Library they have many newspaper articles on the life of their prolific resident. They have an autographed book by Fanny – did you know that Fanny Crosby, blind for life, learned to write so she could autograph her books?

Let’s head over to her home and see where she lived:

Fanny Crosby Home – Wells St, Bridgeport:

In 1900 Fanny Crosby moved from New York City to Bridgeport, CT. In 1906 she moved in with her sister and niece. Fanny died from arteriosclerosis and a cerebral hemorrhage here in the early hours of Feb 12, 1915 at the age of 94.

Fanny Crosby Church – Golden Hill Methodist

The old First Methodist Episcopal Church is where her funeral was held.

Fanny Crosby Grave – Mountain Grove Cemetery

Buried in the same cemetery as P.T. Barnum and Tom Thumb.

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