April 14 – Long Days, Lachish, and Lazarus

April 14
Joshua 9:3-10:43
Luke 16:19-17:10
Psalm 83:1-18
Proverbs 13:4

Joshua 9:14 – “When we neglect prayer, we can be easily deceived and make wrong decisions. And when leaders do not pray, they also fail the people under them.” –GraceValley.org

Joshua 10:13 – What happened here? BlueLetterBible.org lists 7 theories of what happened, as well as cautioning against “reports of a “missing day” in ancient Egyptian, Chinese, and Hindu sources….[and] the story of a Yale astronomer who found that the earth was twenty-four hours out of schedule.”

“Reverence for Gods Word should encourage us to suspend judgment until more evidence is available. In the meantime no single explanation can be made a test of orthodoxy (Donald H. Madvig, “Joshua,” The Expositors Bible Commentary, p. 304).”

What do we know happened? Joshua 10:14 says it was unique.

Joshua 10:32 – Lachish now entered into the Israelite orbit. “Among cities in ancient Judah, Lachish was second only to Jerusalem in importance” (Biblical Archaeology Review). Lachish is mentioned 24 times in the Old Testament.

Main gate, Lachish archaeological site, Israel.

Luke 16:19Adrian Rogers explains from God’s perspective, no man is truly ready to live until he is no longer afraid to die.

Luke 16:20 – “In the story, Lazarus never speaks. He is silent; he’s only there for contrast. He is not the object of the story. The story is not about his experience; it’s not about heaven. It is about the rich man’s experience in hell. ” – John MacArthur

Luke 17:10 – Serving the Lord is not doing Him a favor, it is but our reasonable service (Romans 12:1).

Psalm 83:18 – Not that they may be like the Most High (Isaiah 14:14) but that they may know Who is the Most High.

Proverbs 13:4 – Will you be a sluggard or will you be diligent?

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