June 30 – The Fall of the Northern Kingdom (722 BC)

June 30
2 Kings 17:1-18:12
Acts 20:1-38
Psalm 148:1-14
Proverbs 18:6-7

2 Kings 17:7 – The first violation listed as cause for God’s judgment was the violation of the first commandment. Later in 2 Kings 17:10 we see the violation of the second commandment. Yet God still in His mercy sent prophets to warn them (2 Kings 17:13).

2 Kings 17:32-33 – Today we have a similar situation. People show the formalities of reverence to the LORD by paying a visit to mark His birth or His death, but He is placed on their heart’s shelf amongst other gods. People pick and choose the parts they like, and mix in a fair amount of hedonism, idolatry, and other practices into a diversified religious experience.

2 Kings 18:5-6 – How is this for a testimony of faithfulness? Can it be said of you that you “clave” to the LORD?

2 Kings 18:9 – We are now at 722 BC, one of the key dates in Israelite history, the fall of the Northern Kingdom.

Acts 20:9 – While your guide has fallen into a deep sleep in church, thankfully he has never fallen from the third floor.

Acts 20:18 – Speaking of a testimony of obedience, consider Paul’s: “serving the LORD with all humility… and with many tears.”

Acts 20:28 – Paul’s charge to the elders of Ephesus: guard the flock. They are not your flock, they are the flock of the Holy Ghost, a valuable flock, purchased with the very blood of Jesus Christ.

Acts 20:29 – Too many today are falling into ancient heresies like Gnosticism or its modern variations. We need to remember that heresy came quickly after the Gospel.

Psalm 148:1 – Count the number of ways we can praise the LORD!

Proverbs 18:7 – Does your mouth lead you to your destruction?

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