July 16 – The Contentious Woman is a Constant Dripping

July 16
1 Chronicles 22:1-23:32
Romans 3:9-31
Psalm 12:1-8
Proverbs 19:13-14

1 Chronicles 22:5 – Of all the mistakes that David made, he never gave God less than his best. Look at the inventory in 1 Chronicles 22:14.

1 Chronicles 23:30 – Just because this isn’t your job doesn’t mean you’re prohibited from doing this.

Romans 3:10 – Paul borrows from Psalm 14. From David’s time to Paul’s time the truth was universal, no one is righteous. The sins are numerous: deceit (Romans 3:13), cursing (Romans 3:14), murder (Romans 3:15) – but it is summarized in a lesson from Proverbs – needing the Fear of the LORD. David recognized this characteristic as essential (2 Samuel 23:3). If you need a refresher on how you are guilty, let’s go to the law.

Romans 3:22 – Notice the contrast – Romans 3:22 – righteousness on all who believe, vs. Romans 3:20 – No flesh shall be justified. Romans 3:23 all have sinned, while in Romans 3:24 all could be justified.

Psalm 12:7 – Paul talked yesterday about the Jews as the guardians of the law. God used them as part of His process to preserve His Word forever.

Proverbs 19:13 – Forever Be Sure wrote a song based on this verse. Enjoy! (By the way – my wife is a Proverbs 19:14 woman!)

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