February 6 – Feasts, Hornets, and Tabernacles

Exodus 23:14-25:40
Matthew 24:29-51
Psalm 30:1-12
Proverbs 7:24-27

Exodus 23:14 — Keep track of the feasts – these will be the key points of the Hebrew Calendar. Unleavened Bread/Passover (Exodus 23:15), Firstfruits/Pentecost (Exodus 23:16), and Ingathering/Tabernacles (Exodus 23:16).

Exodus 23:20-22 — Who is this Angel that is to be obeyed? His voice is equivalent to God speaking.

Exodus 23:28 — This is the first of three times hornets are mentioned in the Bible (the other two places are Deuteronomy 7:20 & Joshua 24:12). All of these references refer to God driving out the Canaanites. BTW have you heard the Hornet Song?

Exodus 25 — What did the Tabernacle look like? Perhaps something like this?

Matthew 24:34 — What generation shall not pass? Some say the generation that saw Israel become a nation in 1948. Commentaries will give you many options. One hypothesis is that the generation that sees the start of the Olivet Discourse will also see the end of the Olivet Discourse. Jimmy DeYoung concurs with that interpretation.

Psalm 30:5 — The great promise: “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.”

Psalm 30:11-12 — These verses and others from this Psalm inspired the song Sing to the Lord and Be Not Silent.

Proverbs 7:26 — Be careful of the Strange Woman. You may think you can stand, but “many strong men have been slain by her.”

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