King George III – March 23, 1765

Experience the American dream with today’s Patriots of the Past interview. I’m your host, John Gillespie.

It’s March 23, 1765. I’m in London, England, in the court of King George III. He has just issued his infamous Quartering Act.

JG: “Your Majesty, why have you decided to send ten thousand British troops to America?”

KG: “Mr. Gillespie, those upstart Yankees have dared to defy my authority. I will show them who has the real power in my empire and they will pay for their insolence.”

King George underestimated the American patriots’ passion for freedom. After years of bitter fighting, it was the British who sailed home in defeat.

Read the full text of the Quartering Act.

John and Jan Gillespie are the founders of the Rawhide Boys’ Ranch; they have fostered 351 teenagers and wrote the book Our 351 Sons; they have also assisted numerous churches in developing youth programs and expanding their total church ministries. After running for U.S. Senate, John founded 1776 American Dream, which exists to demonstrate the vision of our founding fathers and help our generation of youth passionately embrace those values.

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