Nabby and John Quincy Adams – July 3, 1776

Experience the American dream with today’s Patriots of the Past interview. I’m your host, John Gillespie.

It’s July 3, 1776. I’m in Braintree, Massachusetts, with John Quincy and Nabby, the children of John Adams.

JG: “John Quincy and Nabby, I understand your father is away with the Continental Congress.”

NA: “Yes, I know, Mr. Gillespie. I miss him terribly. He is busy speaking and writing for our freedom.”

JQA: “Yes, I’m scared the British king will try and kill my dad because of his passion for liberty and independence from England’s tyrannical rule.”

NA: “Mr. Gillespie, please pray for my dad and our country.”

Many people prayed during those difficult Revolutionary War years and many people are praying today for our president and country.

Read the full text of John Adams’ letter to Samuel Chase, written July 1, 1776.

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