Nabby and John Quincy Adams – December 2, 1778

Experience the American dream with today’s Patriots of the Past interview. I’m your host, John Gillespie.

It’s December 2, 1778. I’m with Nabby and John Quincy Adams, the children of John and Abigail Adams. John is away on American diplomatic business.

JG: “Nabby and John Quincy, do you miss your father?”

NA: “Oh, yes, my daddy’s so kind and thoughtful and he loves my mother so much, but he told us he must leave us awhile so other families can have freedom.”

JQA: “I miss my father, too, but he taught us that freedom is not free so we pray for him and hope he comes home soon.”

John Adams did come home to become our first vice president and second president.

Read the full text of one of the many letters written by John Adams to his wife, Abigail Adams, while away on this trip.

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