Admiral Francois de Grasse – August 29, 1781

It’s August 29, 1781. I’m at Chesapeake Bay with a commander of the French fleet. Admiral Francois de Grasse.

JG: “Admiral, why do you have 29 ships blockading the bay?”

AFG: “Monsieur Gillespie, I’m helping General Washington. By blockading the bay, British General Cornwallis cannot get supplies to feed his troops. Hungry troops do not fight very well. Viva la France! Viva la America!”

The French blockade helped considerably as Cornwallis troops were hungry, tired, and trapped. Soon after they surrendered to end the war.

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John and Jan Gillespie are the founders of the Rawhide Boys’ Ranch; they have fostered 351 teenagers and wrote the book Our 351 Sons; they have also assisted numerous churches in developing youth programs and expanding their total church ministries. After running for U.S. Senate, John founded 1776 American Dream, which exists to demonstrate the vision of our founding fathers and help our generation of youth passionately embrace those values.

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