May 26: Effective Praying: Remember the Glories of God

For the next seven days we’ll look at some prayer thoughts from John Fallahee. John has appeared on Crosstalk and WVCY-TV30 with Mike Gendron of Proclaiming the Gospel. He’s the author of a new book, Reflect the Glory of God in Prayer, and has graciously allowed us to share some excerpts from his new book:

Do you know who God is? What He loves? What He hates? What He has done in the past? What He will do in the future? Can you recall from the Scriptures His attributes, His names, and His commandments?

Are your prayers limited by a lack of knowledge about God? How do you praise God? Do you thank God, and if so, for what?

Have you considered that the heights of intimate worship through prayer are linked to a deep understanding of God and His Word? Later, we will consider the prayers of Moses, David, Solomon, Daniel, and Paul who knew God and His Word intimately.

Question: So how does one remember the glories of God in prayer? How should our prayers begin?

I am convinced that as you study the Bible to know God more deeply, your prayer life will be transformed. Do you want to grow closer to God? Then begin by asking God to give you a greater passion for prayer and curiosity to know and think rightly about Him.

Read the rest of this chapter in Reflect the Glory of God in Prayer.

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