There is a group of scientist that believe that they have found the location of the original Noah’s Ark

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: I know that you have dedicated a great part of your life and your ministry to joining with a team to go out in search of the real Noah’s Ark there in the area of the world that the Bible seems to indicate it would be located. First of all just give us a brief update on how the projects going and then tell me and tell those who are eavesdropping on this conversation why are you dedicating your part of your life to search for this Ark.

RP: Well first let me explain that this is a scientific expedition everyone involved has certain professional credentials or brings certain professional skills to it. The purpose of it of course is to follow through on data that we have. We’ve been there now four years and each time we’ve gotten closer and closer to where we feel the anomalies are. Other information that we have received from our own excavations have led us to think that we at least have Noah’s Ark as a good candidate.

JD: Why are you doing this Randy? What’s driving you?

RP: When I read the book of Genesis I see history. It starts with the history of creation and moves to history of mankind. As you well know the Lord Jesus says as the Days of Noah so shall the days of the coming of the son of man be. We live in an age that is just on the verge of seeing the return of Jesus Christ and we need that wake up call that says judgment is emanate and a discovery like this would I think move some people beyond that point of doubt to a point of decision.

JD: Dr. Randy Price the leader of the team in search of the original Noah’s Ark.

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