The United Nations sponsored the International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: We want to talk about the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Now that’s something that was put in place by the United Nations, and Winkie let me find out from you why the United Nations did this. It seems like so many of their resolutions are against the Jewish state of Israel. Why did they decide to remember Holocaust Day and try to get the world to do exactly that?

WM: I’m going to make an educated guess. The normal Holocaust Day activities among the Jewish people of course is centered on a date on which the war so ghetto revoked broke out in late April of 1943. They managed to stave off the Nazi German troops in some cases for up to three weeks. You have to remember Jimmy that the Jews were not exactly a people with their own army or police force or institutions either in Germany, Austria, Poland or other countries under the Nazi boot.

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