The Palestinians are clashing with Israeli security at the Golden Gate, or you may know it as the Eastern Gate, where the Palestinians are being kept from worshipping at this sacred spot

Jimmy DeYoung

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JD: The Palestinians are clashing with the police up on the Temple Mount and it’s a situation there at the Golden Gate, the Eastern Gate it’s been closed; tell me what’s going on.

DD: Well yes the new Palestinian walk, that’s the group that controls the Temple Mount has been expanded recently to 18 members and several new members are from the Palestinian Authority for the first time, the ruling government Mahmoud Abbas’s government. They are now demanding that that Eastern Gate be reopened as an exclusive Muslim prayer center. I don’t know if you’ve been in there Jimmy. I imagine you’ve been outside of it. I haven’t been inside but I’ve but I’ve seen pictures, it’s quite a large chamber inside. The Israeli’s heard these statements they’ve been making for the past couple of weeks and they put up some new metal fences around it. Well the Palestinians this week rode up there and tore down the fences, ripped them apart with crowbars, the police came up and as you said there was clashes.

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